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Debt Collection Membership Services M&C Collections department
– Serving Credit Grantors Nationwide since 1983

Annual Membership fee is only $480.00 when 4 digit dealer representative code is entered by you during checkout.

Collecting Delinquent Medical, Consumer and Commercial Debt all across America 10% Collection Fee on every Placement with our Gold Star Membership Program.

Gold Star Recovery Program



Once a Gold Star Recovery Member, our collections department will send your debtor 2 collection notices within the first 60 days of each placement demanding payment in full. All debtor phone calls and all payments come directly to your office for the first 60 days of each new placement. You negotiate with your debtor on your own behalf. If payment is made within the first 60-day collection cycle, you pay a 10% collection fee of the amount placed to Gold Star Recovery. Minimum collection fee is $40.00 on any account collected – NO COLLECTION – NO FEE.


After 60 days if payment is still not received, your past due accounts automatically transfer to our in-house telephone collections department for our phase II collection recovery program. Once in phase II your past due debtor accounts are contacted on a routine basis through a series of telephone calls by experienced professional collection negotiators.. All collectors have only one purpose in mind – TO GET PAYMENT IN FULL.

Your debtors are now instructed to communicate only with our collections department and no longer call your billing department. Gold Star Recovery's collection department has experience in recovering bad debts since 1983, and we do so in a refined manor to preserve the image, integrity and prestige of your business.

When your client accounts become past due, don't hold on to them, let Gold Star Recovery give you the tools to recover your money quickly, easily and afford-ably. All accounts placed in phase II under 1 year old from date of service will be charged a 30% contingency collection fee. On accounts over 1 year from date of service there is a 40% contingency collection fee. Minimum collection fee in phase II is $50.00 on any account collected – NO COLLECTION – NO FEE.

Membership Benefits

  • Profit from our Collections Department Experience – since 1983
  • Fast Conversion of your losses into profits
  • Reduced Collection Costs – 10% Collection Rate on Every Placement
  • All phase 1 payments go directly to you from your debtor
  • Net More Money
  • Retain Control
  • Get Paid First
  • Pay Less
  • Recover More
  • Unlimited Placements